Focus on what is important

We collect all the metrics for you, including athletes' stroke rate, so you can focus more on athletes' technique.

Plan their sessions upfront, and get even more relevant information ready for your analysis.

We'll help you save time and coach more effectively.

Training session with top stroke rate highlighted
boat with a smartphone using GoPaddler application

You don't need vakka cadence sensor

Using only athletes' smartphone sensors, we can calculate cadence with great precision, without the need to buy extra hardware.

We also combine that with the GPS data to calculate how much an athlete can, on average, move the boat forward on each stroke. Those and all other relevant paddling metrics are tracked for you …

What are athletes going to use in their boats?

Athletes' must download our canoeing tracking app, available for free on the app stores.
utter cycling
GoPaddler Android iPhone

Get into the boat with your athletes'

Athletes' claim that while the coach is seeing their metrics in real-time, it's like having the coach on the boat with them. Is the stroke length decreasing? Is the athlete in it's anaerobic threshold? Whatever the main metric or metrics you are using, you can make sure the athlete is performing within the expected zones for the session.

Smartphone showing a live session with multiple athletes