Are you doing fartlek, interval sessions, or free sessions? We got you covered.

Plan your sessions and analyse all the details in one place, with all the most relevant metrics available for your analysis

Every session will be synced into your athletes' app, making communication easier than ever.

Training session with multiple athletes
Cadence sensor mounted on the bike

Pair with the Bluetooth cadence sensor of your choice

We can track cadence for you, and see how it correlates to speed and altitude during athletes' session. All data is automatically synced back to your Utter Coach dashboard.

Heart rate sensors can also be used for a more complete analysis

What are athletes going to use in their bikes?

Athletes' must download our cycling tracking app, that turns their smartphone into a fully capable cycling computer.
utter cycling
Utter Cycling Android iPhone

Get into the bike with your athletes'

Athletes' claim that while the coach is seeing their metrics in real-time, it's like having the coach on the bike with them. Is the cadence to high? Is the athlete in it's anaerobic threshold? Whatever the main metric or metrics you are using, you can make sure the athlete is performing within the expected zones for the session.

Smartphone showing a live session with multiple athletes